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Randyrew Peterson

i recently went on a three week vacation to hawai'i. unfortunately, the day I left happened to be June 27th (the release of Dusk and Summer of course). so, as soon as the plane touched down in Honolulu my brother drove me to Tower Records, as my first stop in Hawai'i, to buy Dusk and Summer. It's been a habit of mine to buy Dashboard's new album the day it is released. So, I bought the cd 3:00 PM Hawaiian-Aleutian time or 9:00 PM Eastern-Standard Time.

That night I listened to the album on my cd player and let it sink in.

I noticed that the hit single which rarely reflects the entirety of the album was placed first, as was on A Mark, A Mission, A Brand, A Scar. As I got into Reason to Believe I decided Dusk and Summer really was a drastic change from Dashboard normality. The last line of The Secret's in the Telling shone with classic Dashboard charm. Stolen caught me like Age Six Racer with the beginning then with a seeming sequel to As Lovers Go as the chorus progressed. Rooftops and Invitations reflected love as an addition. I had first heard So Long, So Long in June of '05 and loved it, it hooks the old fans with the Summer's Kiss allusion. Currents seemed to reiterate As Lovers Go's epitome: if it is meant to be, let it be. Slow Decay to me represents a soldier (perhaps a political statement) returning from war with Post Dramatic Stress Syndrome. It seemed to paint the picture of a young soldier who hadn't his heart in his fighting. Dusk and Summer finally came as the first technically Acoustic-Guitar song and the chorus seemed so wrought and sad but I loved it. Heaven is Here was somewhat like This is a Forgery in it's delivery but it's message advocated a couple lost in there own world which is a utopia.

I'd most assuredly consider Dusk and Summer my favorite Dashboard album yet. It may be a seasonal album due to the aura of summer.

I was surprised to find that Chris is now 31 years old, and married. Dusk and Summer reached it's peak on Billboard 200 list of Top Albums at #2 on July 15th. Todays, July 21st it is 28th on the Billboard 200, 10th on the Top Digital Albums, and 8th on the Top Rock Albums.

In other news, someone has created a myspace page for Vacant Andys (Chris's first album releasing band) http://www.myspace.com/vacantandys

Also, to my great dismay, Further Seems Forever has disbanded.x-posted
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